Kevin and Amanda

One of the best parts of filming wedding videos is getting to know the couple and to see how their love for one another works. Kevin and Amanda are a perfect pair because they are so different, yet complementary. Amanda is, self-admittedly, a “sarcastic, unfiltered, and lazy girl.” While we could glimpse her humor and ability to say just what she is thinking, we question her definition of ‘lazy,’ considering how much work must have gone into such a beautiful wedding. From her choice of colors to the elegant touches of calligraphy this wedding was romantic, charming, and personal.
Kevin enhances the lives around him, according to his best man. We witnessed his thoughtfulness as he helped his groomsmen with getting every cufflink, shirt stud and bow tie in perfect order.
On their big day we could see Amanda’s calm and collected demeanor. That is until she got a little choked up reading Kevin’s letter. Kevin on the other hand couldn’t contain his joy waiting at the altar for his bride. Despite their differences, what Kevin and Amanda have in common is the ability to be themselves and to passionately love one another for it.
Filming this wedding was such a delight. The beautiful outdoor ceremony was all the more special because Amanda’s uncle officiated. The weather cooperated just long enough for everyone to get inside for the reception. (Who says it never rains in Southern California?!) But perhaps the best part was to hear the vows written by the bride and groom, read to one another with such love.
While the venue, ceremony, weather and reception were all picture perfect, the day always circled back to the picture perfect couple. And from time to time they would stare into one another’s eyes and you could just sense that they were all alone together, a perfect match.